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About Us
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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 24 January 2010 18:00

The BevelBoard TM   Surfboard  Company



              is proud to present the

               Welcome ,,, to the Revolutionary 


                  New Patented Design called the


                                 SweetSpot  TM.


                    You are about to Experience a “Ride”


                 that was never before possible !!  



         As an Owner of a SweetSpot Surfboard,


 from the 1st time you carry  your board on the Beach,


                   You’ll be able to Feel IT.



                    As you GRIP the Siderails,


               your Board will be Easier to Carry.


                      Then, as you Paddle out,


        you will Notice how your body Molds perfectly


                   into the “SweetSpot”.



                      As the waves approach,


you’ll be able to Grab the Siderails with your Thumbs,


  allowing you to Duck-Dive with a lot less effort!



                     As you continue paddling,


u’ll be Amazed at how easy it is to Control your body


              and the direction of your board,


'cuz of how your Torso fits into the SweetSpot.  



                        And when you’re sitting,


           getting ready to turn to catch your wave,


                   your body Sits “just right”,


         letting you make a quicker turn-around.


                           How EASY is This ??



              Now,, pick your wave,, here it comes,,


 paddling's a whole lot faster and more efficient


as you glide into your wave, and then,, here we go,,


                     the Grips are there again,,


   helping you to Stand-up quicker, (with less slippage),



allowing easier Control of your Board, and helping you


get a faster Drop-In on a Better part of the Wave !



     And we’re UP,,, the First thing you’re gonna notice,


    is your Feet just got Centered to ur Sweet-Spot ! 


                        Hey,,,How'd That Happen ??



           Because with the  “SweetSpot”



                      We have Designed a Built-in  







                Can you feel how your Back Foot


 goes right to the Backstop, and your Front Foot


just seems to fit into the right spot on top of the


    Raised Center Stringer ??            



Yep, we made that just for you for Maximum Control,


   as it helps you KNOW right where the middle is;


     With just the slightest movement of your foot,


               you immediately send your board


   the Direction you REALLY want it to go!!  Ha-haa !!




 Did you ever Dream of “Catching Air” ??



        With Our Design you'll get that as well !!


And if you are already an Air-man,,,


           now you’re gonna become a Trickster !!



         And if you already have a Bag-o-Tricks,,


well then, Hang On,,  cuz you’re gonna have to start


figuring out Names for the New Tricks everybody’s


 gonna be doin’ with the SweetSpot TM.




      The Patented System of the  SweetSpot,


 was designed and tested to give you the MOST  



Maneuverability with the Least amount of Effort,  



               while enabling you to Maintain


           the Directional Drive of your Board,



and will “POP” back with every little move you make. 



                     Can You Feel “IT” ???




        When you surf a SweetSpot, you will be 



    “Cutting” and “Digging” like you never imagined,



 with quicker more dramatic moves made possible by a



 lower center of gravity, giving u better body balance,



 with better Stability and Control, and less Slippage,



  as our Design helps prevent poor Foot placement.




     ( Go to About Us_Page-2 )  





The BevelBoard TM   Surfboard  Company


                 (see Pics of the SweetSpot)




               Copyright 2010-2011 SweetSpotSurfing.com. All Rights Reserved.             

 Copyright 2010-2011 The BevelBoard Surfboards Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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